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 "I just baptized someone last night who had been taking your course. I was very impressed with how well your materials had prepared her for nearly everything I would say when we actually first met for study. Thank you for your time, the new contact & new sister in Christ, and thank you for you labor in the Lord's Kingdom." ~ Scott, Michigan

To help you in your study of the Bible, we want to send you this FREE Bible correspondence course. This course is non denominational, it is based on the Bible, it is conducted by mail, and it is free.
Please fill out the form below and you will receive your first course by regular, postal mail in approximately 4-6 weeks. After you have studied and completed your first course, plese return it to us.  It will be graded and sent back to you with your next course. You will be able to further your knowledge of God's Word in the privacy of your own home.

You can now easily access our Free Bible correspondence course online at World Bible School

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